On Thursday, the members of the School Leadership Team at Reynolds High School debated electronic devices and cell phone usage policy.  Despite the efforts of of the student council president and I, the committee voted to ban all cell phone usage during class changes, effective next year.  We were able to convince them to allow cell phones during lunch, however, which is better than nothing. 

An assistant principal and a few other teachers thought it would be best to leave the current policy as it is because the new rules will be unenforceable.  However, they were outnumbered.  At one time during the meeting, some members were even talking about adding a scrambler to the cell phone tower, but they realized that that would be unfeasible.  It would be too dangerous during a crisis situation where the administrators would have to use their cell phones. 

That night, I spoke to the Buncombe County Board of Education about the personal email accounts.  Richard Greene, the chair of the board, seemed to be willing to reconsider the ban. 

That’s all for now. 

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