Reaching out to members of your community is an important part of promoting your campaign and building your Node. Outreach activities are used to:

  • Inform people about your campaign and youth rights in general
  • Find out what issues people care about in your community
  • Motivate people to get involved
  • Find new members for your Node
  • Build coalitions with other advocacy groups

Publicize and Document Everything!

Before you plan a specific outreach activity, there are two things to keep in mind. You’ll want to promote your event so that people know about it. And you’ll also want to report on it so that people more people come to the next one. This means taking pictures and writing a little bit about why this issue is important and what your Node is working on. Post your photos on your Node’s social media pages and share it with your community. Also be sure to send your pictures to NYRA National so we can share it on NYRA’s social media. And check out our media toolkit for how to use social and traditional media to promote your campaign.