In most of the US, driving is a necessity, and the right to mobility is just as important for young people as the rest of the population. However, state governments, with the support of the federal government have enacted numerous ageist driving laws that needlessly restrict the ability of young people to drive, and deny young people driving privileges if they fall under an arbitrary age limit set by state governments.

In most places, denial of the right to drive is a denial of the right to mobility, which is internationally accepted right declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Denial of the right to mobility is also a denial of young peoples’ ability to seek employment, go to activities and events, and participate in society.

For most people, there is no alternative to driving, so denying the right to drive to anyone denies them the ability to travel to work, school and recreation.

Even worse, young people face numerous calls to strip them of their right to drive, which are decided in governments in which they have no representation. Young people need and deserve the right to mobility just as much as any legal adult does. Nobody should be denied the ability to go to work, school, or otherwise participate in our society. Nor is it okay to deny a person such rights and abilities because of their age.

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