Members of the United Teen Equality Center give a press conference on their campaign to lower the voting age.

The right to vote is vital to any fully functioning democracy. Not only is it the fairest best way to select the people who make political decisions, but it is how we hold those people accountable and make sure that they listen to us. Young people have the right to be represented and be active participants in political life. We should not be barred from voting, running for office, making political contributions, or any other means of civic engagement.

Young people are directly affected by a range of policies concerning education, criminal justice, government spending, and the environment. We contribute to our communities and we pay taxes. We are capable of educating ourselves on the issues and often even do better than most registered voters on civics tests. We deserve the right to be heard.

In the last twenty years, NYRA members have campaigned in over 20 states and supported dozens of legislative bills to lower the voting age. As our chapters continue to work at the local, state, and national level, we have seen increased support for lowering the voting age from an ever-increasing number of organizations and politicians.

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