Media coverage is extremely important for promoting your issue or campaign. Interviews, news articles, and press releases are all crucial tools of publicity for your NYRA Node to take advantage of when promoting awareness and action.

  • Media coverage spreads your message. Most people have never heard of youth rights, or are unsure what it means. Part of our work, and the work of our Nodes, is to make sure that the public understands the reasons we advocate for young people. Involving the media not only informs your local community about your campaign, but allows your message to reach a wide range of people who may have never heard of youth rights.
  • Media coverage garners support. Making headlines in a positive way will bring members right to your front doorstep. If the media never covered a single story on us, then we would never have the level of support that we do now. Continually making positive headlines and spreading our message means that we have the potential to gain many new supporters. In addition to letting other know about your campaign and youth right in general, media coverage, if maneuvered correctly, can help to paint you in a positive light. Presenting your Node as a passionate and knowledgeable organization will put a human face to your cause. This will encourage people to identify with you and help gain support.
  • Media coverage exhibits authority. Through continuous presence in the media, your Node can demonstrate authority in the community. Your Node will begin to be taken seriously in the eyes of not only other news outlets, providing further media coverage, but also in the eyes of supporters and critics across the nation.