Repeal curfew laws.

It is disturbing to think that in a free country laws exist to make being outside a crime, but it happens in the form of curfew laws. The most vulgar of status offenses, curfew laws prohibit youth from being in public during much of the night and day. NYRA has assembled the Internet’s most comprehensive guide to youth curfews. Read NYRA’s Curfew FAQ, read the expert studies that prove curfews have no effect on crime, and take action against curfews in your area.


Frequently Asked Questions
Do curfews work? Are they constitutional? Find answers here to these questions and more.


September 1997 Anti-Curfew Speech
Dave Doctor delivered this speech at a street fair in San Diego a few days before Libertarian Rock’s protest at San Diego’s City Hall.

1999 Washington, DC Curfew Speech
Here is the speech Alex Koroknay-Palicz gave on November 4, 1999 at the second Washington, DC Curfew Protest.


The Effectiveness of Juvenile Curfews at Crime Prevention
From the Abstract: This article provides preliminary results from a systematic review of empirical research on juvenile curfews, concluding that the evidence does not support the argument that curfews prevent crime and victimization. Juvenile crime and victimization are most likely to remain unchanged after implementation of cur-
few laws.

Juvenile Curfews: Are they an Effective Means of Combating Juvenile Violence?
From the Abstract: While public opinion and reports from several police jurisdictions support the utility of juvenile curfews, recent empirical studies indicate that curfews are not effective at reducing juvenile offending or victimization. This paper argues that the emerging evidence does not support the use of juvenile curfews and urges policy makers and the courts to examine the efficacy of curfew legislation.

Do Juvenile Curfews Work? A Time-Series Analysis of the New Orleans Law
From the Abstract: The results show the ineffectiveness of the curfew. Victimizations, juvenile victimizations, and juvenile arrests during curfew hours did not decrease significantly after the law went into effect; some victimizations during non-curfew hours increased significantly after the law was implemented.

The Effect of Curfew Law on Juvenile Crime in Washington, DC
From the Abstract: The results, consistent with previous studies,
revealed that the curfew law did not reduce total juvenile arrests. Several flaws
inherent in curfew laws, as well as implications for research and policy, are