Nine members of the Portand Student Rights Union: A NYRA Chapter Members of Portland Student Rights Union – A NYRA Chapter

We originally started the Portland Student Rights Union (SRU) in October 2017 to protest the administration of our school, the Metropolitan Learning Center Administration in Portland, Oregon, taking away all student breaks as a form of collective punishment. Even though we were an unofficial group, it was through our efforts, along with support from additional members of the student body, that the administration reinstated our breaks. Soon after, the school’s administration also banned the use of the Gadsden flag after a complaints when a students was seen showing it to another student. We explained to the administration that the students weren’t trying to offend anyone, but show their patriotism and support for Libertarianism and that they had a right to express their views in school. At this point, we decided that it would be important to be associated with the National Youth Rights Association, so, in February of 2018, we became a chapter. We joined NYRA for two main reasons: one, to provide us with backing and support for our causes by an organization dedicated to student rights, and  and two, to be make ourselves more reputable and have name recognition from other NYRA supporters. We are currently still working with the administration about the right to fly the flag and other student rights, but we are now considered an official club at our school. We are working closely with other students, our school leadership class, student committees, and school employees, to help further the rights of students and young people in general.

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