Members of the Zionsville Student Rights Union, based out of Zionsville, Indiana. Members of the Zionsville Student Rights Union – a NYRA Chapter

Chapters are the best way for individuals to work together on issues that directly affect them in their schools and local communities.

Why start a chapter? There are many benefits to starting up a NYRA chapter, including the following:

Name Recognition. Our chapters aren’t just individuals or local groups; they are part of a national organization. We are an established organization with a track record. Being seen as an official chapter of this organization will make a big difference in your ability to enact change. As such, the ability to cite NYRA’s name will give you more credibility. Media outlets are more likely to contact you and legislators are more likely to take you seriously.

Support from National Staff. Becoming a chapter of the National Youth Rights Association means you have continuous access to the staff in our national office. Our staff is willing to help you with press coverage, campaigns, and recruiting.

Press Coverage. NYRA has a long-standing track record of building and maintaining press coverage. We maintain a powerful media presence and our various campaigns have been widely covered in many news sources. Our national staff is able to advise you on this process and assist you in building a relationship with the media in your local area.

Promotion. Our national office will do everything we can to promote your activities and events. If you hold a local event, we will advertise it on Facebook and Twitter so nearby NYRA members can attend.

Networking. Becoming a NYRA chapter also gives you the benefit of sharing resources with other student groups. No one has worked on more youth rights efforts than we have, and we are able to put you in touch with other students groups, NYRA members and activists leading similar campaigns.

Campaigns. NYRA is a national organization with chapters across the country who have undertaken campaigns for years on a variety of different issues. Our experience, knowledge, resources and connections are all at your disposal as a NYRA chapter.


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Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, it covers many common questions about NYRA chapters.

Looking for inspiration? Read Chapter Success Stories here! This section will take you step-by-step through the journey of our more successful chapters. Think your chapter should be on this list? E-mail with your success story!