Welcome to Youth Rights 101!

The words “youth rights” mean a lot of different things to different people. New people to our cause who may have only talked to a few people or seen some articles may not quite see the underlying philosophy that holds it all together.

So here is a collection of quick introductions to various youth rights issues to answer some common questions, as well as inviting comments on them from those of you who have something to add. This is a work in progress, so be sure to check back for new installments and comments!

Keep in mind a couple of things, though!

1. This is NOT a manifesto! This does NOT mean “if you don’t agree with every word of this, you are an Evil Ageist!”. This is simply a guide, a simple introduction to what and how youth rights
supporters and activists generally think and operate. Even if you don’t agree with it all, the point is to at least give it some serious thought and consideration, to understand better where we are coming from. After all, youth rights supporters are hardly of one mind about all the issues!

2. These are NOT official positions of the National Youth Rights Association! This should not be taken as such, should not be taken as any implication of what direction the organization is moving. (Positions are voted on by the board and then the membership. I’m just one board member writing this up on my own here!)

This is a general introductory guide to youth rights, and the issues and points are examples. I don’t at all claim to know all there is about every issue (and this guide can only scratch the surface), so please if you have something to contribute that I might have forgotten or not gone into much detail, leave a comment on it! Please keep comments on-topic, relating directly to the particular issue, either contributing something to it or answering the question. Any off-topic stuff should be taken to the forums. Thanks!

Youth Rights 101
Part 1: What IS Youth Rights?
Part 2: Different but Equal
Part 3: Free Speech Is For ALL Ages!
Part 4: The Right to Vote
Part 5: When Going Outside Is a Crime
Part 6: And the Sign Said…
Part 7: Behind the Wheel
Part 8: Not-So-Great Expectations
Part 9: Not a Drop to Drink

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