When I browse through the many threads on NYRA’s forums, I have run across a few posts that express absolute hatred against NYRA’s opponents, such as the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization. When I see such posts, I am appalled! Why are certain forum posters promoting such hatred?

NYRA and MADD have always been two different organizations – arch rivals, if you will. NYRA is an organization fighting to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 or lower. MADD wants the drinking age at 21, and possibly higher. While many NYRA members, myself included, agree with NYRA’s position on drinking, there is no reason at all to express hate against an organization that is working against our views on the subject!

Both NYRA and MADD have differing opinions, no matter how logical or illogical the opinions might be. To express hate and advocate the dissolution of MADD simply because of this is a fallacy! It is wrong. It is unprofessional, and it is untactful.

When someone cannot accept the fact the people and organizations will always have differing opinions, then they are not helping NYRA’s cause. NYRA does NOT hate MADD, and members and any forums visitor should not either. We should be the bigger “man” or “group,” if you will.

Instead of just dismissing the opinions of others, try thinking about their point of view, just for a minute. After doing so, then be articulate and explain why you think that they are wrong and why you disagree with them. No name-calling, associating the other group with infamous people, or ‘flaming’ should occur at any time.

Remain cool, calm, and collected. Provide facts and statistics. Be articulate and thorough. Doing so will help the youth rights movement. Doing otherwise can easily hinder it.

We do NOT want other groups who disagree with our positions to think that there are members of NYRA too immature to handle a simple disagreement.

And for any MADD leaders and members out there reading this, remember what you may see on our forums is not necessarily an endorsement of approval or agreement by NYRA. And MADD, I expect the same professional treatment I have outlined in this blog entry for NYRA members.

Take care all, and remember, what you do can either impact the movement in a positive light or a negative light.

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