The newest NYRA affiliate is the Zionsville Student Rights Union, which represents the students of Zionsville Community High School in central Indiana. The ZSRU is a full-scale operation, with over 400 members, a professional website, and a major presence in the school.

A major priority for the ZSRU is ensuring that rules impacting students are reasonable and consistent with students’ constitutionally protected liberties. “We keep a close watch over rules governing students,” says Steve Ross, ZSRU Chairman. The Union has already achieved several victories: stopping school officials from reading private text messages on confiscated cell phones, ending arbitrary and unfair restrictions on restroom use, reforming parking lot policy, and more. Also, according to Ross, the ZSRU is on the verge of winning a more favorable final exams structure. With its large membership base, the ZSRU is sure to continue working on behalf of student rights in Zionsville for years to come.

In addition, the ZSRU is taking the lead in organizing the youth rights movement in Indiana, with the goal of setting up several additional chapters throughout the state. With their help, Indiana could become a hub for youth rights action in the future, like Berkeley and Southeast Florida have been. NYRA looks forward to working with our allies at the ZSRU on student rights issues. The ZSRU has created a Facebook group for Indiana students to network and advance their rights. Be sure to check it out.

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