With no comprehensive, widely recognized bill of rights for students, NYRA has decided to draft a true student centered one. Existing bill of rights are crafted by high school and university administrators themselves and list off as many responsibilities (i.e. rules & regulations) as real rights students enjoy. With the rise of restrictive policies such as drug testing, dress codes, and zero tolerance a universal student bill of rights is needed. The document also calls for real student participation in the decision making process, something all too rare in public schools. NYRA intends to work with other organizations such as the ACLU, Advocates for Youth, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, and others in crafting a widely regarded and accepted students bill of rights. Once completed, the document will be promoted to schools and organizations all over the country, as the coalition seeks out official endorsements. It is expected that with enough support, the Student Bill of Rights will revolutionize how schools treat students all over the country. Thus far, the initiative has been taken largely by members of NYRA’s web forums, evidence that the organization is growing and becoming more vibrant. The project’s new website is: http://www.studentbillofrights.org/wiki Please go and add your voice to the project.

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