Recently, councilmembers in San Juan Capistrano, California considered proposals to enhance their existing curfew laws. Amongst the new ideas considered were a daytime curfew during school hours and increased fines for the parents of young people who dare to go outside. Realizing that council members weren’t completely sold on the idea and that they clearly hadn’t seen NYRA’s comprehensive research on the subject we decided to act. The National Office led outreach efforts to the Mayor Sam Allevato and other council members letting them know about our position on curfews and reminding them that they don’t work. Dave Moss covered the upcoming decision for and newly formed NYRA-Los Angeles plans to get involved at the ground level. Hopefully we can help guide the San Juan Capistrano City Council to make the sensible decision. Check out the piece on and sign the petition, or, better yet, contact the council yourself here.

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