There is a new bill pending in Congress that would cut government funding to any school or library that permits people under the age of 18 to access social networking websites such as Myspace. In addition, many schools are starting to punish students for pictures on their Myspace accounts.

On May 22, reporters from ABC’s World News Tonight interviewed Alex Koroknay-Palicz, NYRA’s executive director. While the news did not air Koroknay-Palicz’s segment, he was quoted in an online news article. You can read the full article here. A longtime ally of NYRA, Mobilizing America’s Youth is working with other organizations in the youth rights movement to oppose the House bill that would place prohibitions on Myspace. In a statement issued on May 18, Koroknay-Palicz said, “The National Youth Rights Association strongly condemns schools that use online information about a student as grounds for punishment… Unless a student’s behavior directly and tangibly disrupts learning at school, it is simply none of the school’s business. Schools are not a massive unrestrained police force for all individuals under 18.” Write Congress to help Defend MySpace

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