With many close elections across the state and beyond, it is obvious that every vote counts. In one state race, if only a few thousand more people across the state had turned out, the results could have been flipped.

Voting is an important civic duty of citizens in the United States. In some countries, such as Australia, voting is compulsory. If you want change in this country, you must turn out and vote at the polls. If you do not, you will be living under the powers of government that you did not vote for nor against.

The turnout of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 increased by 4 percent since 2004 (the turnout was 24%). In addition, the number of voters to turn out between the ages of 18 and 29 increased by 2 million since 2002. Source

I think that that is astounding. According to the research, young voters are showing a great deal of concern for the direction of their country. Hopefully in the coming years, the gap can become smaller and smaller each election.

If you were eligible to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, I hope that you did. With plenty of options and special accomodations to vote before Tuesday, there really is no excuse for not voting.

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