I came across this news story over on Yahoo just a little bit ago. I have posted it in the Current Events forum as well.

Are these people who study teens a broken record or what? Teens don’t get enough sleep. Teens aren’t taking good enough care of themselves. It goes on and on. And I’m rather tired of sounding like a broken record with the constant “But you never pay attention to this when it comes to adults!”

Although, I concede that isn’t always true. The population in general gets the finger pointed at them that they aren’t eating right or sleeping right or breathing right or whatever. What we have here in this article is the journalist’s valuable mixture of public health hysteria and teen concerns, both a surefire attention grabber and method to scare people into believing their cockamamie stories.

While, yes, there are so many other comments I could make about this article, such as how they repeatedly refer to 17-year-olds as children or how they explicitly support parents forbidding TV or Internet to teens within hours of ideal bed time or how they think that these electronics could not possibly have a relaxing use (a third valuable journalism tool, fear of video games and other forms of modern entertainment), I really just must ask one outward question.

How much more of this, whether as youth rights activists or as society in general, are we going to take?