SSDP’s Dare Generation Diary has alerted me to a new AP news story on the Goose Creek Raid at Stratford High School in South Carolina back in 2003. Apparently the students involved could receive around $9,000 each in a settlement with the police department and the school district.

From Tom Angell at SSDP:

As you may remember, the raid stirred lots of controversy after the school’s security videotapes were released, showing police officers pointing loaded guns at terrified students. No drugs or weapons were found in the raid, and most of the students involved were black (despite the fact that the majority of students at Stratford are white).

Many of us were left wondering if the Goose Creek Police Department had actually found the only drug-free school in America.

But seriously, how do you determine the amount of money these students should be awarded to compensate for the terror they suffered as a result of official incompetence? Ultimately, the value of the impending court victory will be measured not in dollars, but in terms of the message it sends to drug warriors all around the country:

Lawyers for the students feel their work has assured a similar drug sweep does not occur in the future.

Good news. :b: Though the total amount of damages is only one million. I think for this terrible raid, there should be punitive damages for much more. The school and police department should feel a much bigger hit for the crap they put those students through. Its not a done deal yet, so hopefully the lawyers can press for more. The school/police shouldn’t be let off easy and get a lawsuit shield out of this. Roast the bastards.

Also, for those who remember the original story of the raid (or for those who don’t and want more info), there is an archive of SSDP’s Dan Goldman’s field reports from Goose Creek archived on the Youth Rights Network. Check it out.

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