Sky high unemployment.  Astronomical government debt.  A fragile environment.  Rapidly rising college tuition.  Our country, and our world, face massive problems, massive problems that according to venture capitalist Andrew Lerner are caused principally by the older generation.  The first step to fixing this problem is understanding the severe discrimination young people face.

Andrew Lerner’s new book draws on a wide variety of business, government, and societal trends to illustrate how most major challenges younger adults face are exacerbated by age biases.

This book is required reading for anyone who has been, will be, or is currently, a young adult.

All the proceeds from this book will be generously donated to NYRA.  Buy a copy for your mom, your dad, your son, your daughter, your aunt, your teacher, your best friend, and your dog.

Buy the book here:

Not convinced this e-book is the perfect gift for every friend and family member you have? Then you must not have read it yet. But we have a way to fix that.

Mr. Lerner has generously offered to make the book available through our website at a cost that is $9.99 cheaper than the $9.99 cover price. That’s right: Free!! A gift to NYRA’s supporters.

Download your free copy at Then, after you’ve enjoyed how Lerner blows the lid off ageism in the workplace and throughout society, buy copies for everyone you know. ( ) Your friends and family will thank you as they learn about this problem, and NYRA will earn more money to fight for solutions. It’s a gift for everyone!

Andrew Lerner's Thank You for Being Young

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