Tomorrow is our primary here in Maryland, and other than the usual presidential candidate and delegates to pick out, it seems we are also to vote on Board of Education At Large.

I could look up information on these people, see what they promise to do. And I will. Just one problem. Really, I’m in no position to decide on elected officials who’d be in charge of schools. I’m no longer a student, and neither is any member of my family. So how am I affected?

Trouble is? The people affected the most, the students themselves of course, have no say in the matter. They’re too young to vote. So we’ve got older people who may have no connections to the school system whatsoever, having no real idea about what goes on, picking how who runs things there, while the students, the ones who have to live with whatever happens, the ones who know way better than any of us, are forbidden from having any say.

Something is seriously wrong here!

Lower the voting age, perhaps? Or is that too easy of an answer? *grin*