Youth Rights 101, Part 9: Not a Drop to Drink

Posted by on April 23rd, 2012

This is part of the Youth Rights 101 series. Please check out Youth Rights 101: Introduction for the rest of the series and more information. Alcohol is dangerous! Why lower the drinking age? Do you actually want kids drinking?! Lowering the drinking age is not about wanting anyone to be drinking nor ignoring any possible […]

NYRA’s Joint Statement Supporting HHS Birth Control Inclusion

Posted by on February 1st, 2012

Two months ago, NYRA petitioned against Obama’s Health and Human Services Agency discriminating against teenagers trying to get emergency contraceptives. It’s great to see the administration now taking a position for college students, at least, enjoying equal access to birth control. Beginning in 2013, most health plans will be required to cover contraceptives, including the […]

Spanking teaches kids all the wrong lessons

Posted by on December 14th, 2011

December 13, 2011 – Chicago Sun-Times –…..ssons.html A recent study led by the University of Texas at Austin has found the majority of parents still use corporal punishment to discipline their children. According to the research, 89 percent of African-American parents spank, as do 80 percent of Hispanic parents, 79 percent of Caucasian parents, […]

Federal Judge Upholds High School Girls’ Right To Upload Lewd Pictures Online

Posted by on August 19th, 2011

Even high school girls have the right to freedom of speech, no matter how lewd their message might be. A federal judge sided with the ACLU in a recent case, stating that it was wrong for a high school principal to punish two girls for posting “racy” pictures on Facebook, according to Gawker. Apparently the […]

Let’s Pick on Obese Kids

Posted by on January 7th, 2010

You’d think I could read something as seemingly innocent as Scientific American without getting outraged. Until I see this: A device that curbs speed eating could help obese children and adolescents cut the fat Wolfing down a meal in record time can lead to more than digestive discomfort and possible acclaim in food-eating contests. Studies […]

Big Business:Ageist

Posted by on February 3rd, 2009

The other day I was perusing the aisles of Wal-Mart, walking though the aisles until I found my self in an aisle filled with vitamins and supplements. I wasn’t looking for anything but I looked around anyways, and something caught my attention.  Right at eye level, there was a bright orange package reading “One-a-day Teen […]

To Circumcise a 12-Year-Old

Posted by on April 28th, 2007

There are a lot of pretty disgusting news stories out there proving more and more how little youth are regarded in society. This, however, has got to be one of the worst. Divorced parents clash over 12-year-old son’s circumcision A former Medford man who converted to Judaism wants his 12-year-old son to do the same. […]

Many in Senate Back Mandatory HPV Vaccination

Posted by on January 20th, 2007

According to this article in the Washington Post, Maryland supports vaccinating middle school age girls with a drug to significantly fight cervical cancer. I think it is great. Trouble is, the opposition. Look at this paragraph: Attempts to make vaccination mandatory have been criticized by groups concerned about encouraging promiscuity or infringing on parents’ authority […]

On My Right to Eat Ketchup

Posted by on March 13th, 2006

By reading this title, you may be wondering what the hell it has anything to do with youth rights. This is more of a personal story in connection to a general youth rights theme, so just relax and keep on reading to find out more. I must let you know that I have been a […]

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