NYRA supports Choose To Rally, a movement to give Floridians back their abortion rights. Abortion is currently restricted to six weeks in the state. This constitutes a near-total ban on the procedure.

Abortion is restricted in many states across the country to minors under 18 without parental consent, and states like Florida that seek to effectively ban it for all individuals simply go too far in attacking the rights of their citizens.

For more info, visit Choose To Rally: https://choosetorally.wixsite.com/getinvolved/our-partners


  1. I am male, so I should probably keep my mouth shut- hate me all you want I guess.

    I think abortion should have SOME restrictions. Like for example, requirement to have some kind of reason. One shouldn’t just get one because they simply “don’t feel like having a kid.” You had unprotected sex, that’s on you. Your fault. On the other hand, if you legitimately cannot afford a child (ironically though, you can afford health insurance as well as the cost of the procedure. Funny how that works, isn’t it?), then that’s different. God forbid, you were (I am not comfortable about saying that word), you should also be allowed to have one in that case.

    But if it was an “oopsie” pregnancy, that’s on nobody but the patient.

  2. States like Florida need to declare themselves a sanctuary for pregnant underage runaways. Her redneck parents want to take her to the abortion clinic tomorrow but she escapes tonight. She makes it across the St. Mary’s River. If Florida law can assert jurisdiction to require her to buckle up on Florida roads, regardless of her State of residence, then Florida law can also assert jurisdiction to cut her parental ties so her parents cannot have her back. She can call Birthright.org (1-800-550-4900) for help finding a family that will put her up until the baby is born. I hope she mails her parents a photo of their adorable grandchild that she will never let them meet.

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