NYRA has begun work on a comprehensive resource site for the youth rights movement.  Using the same wiki technology that powers Wikipedia.org, NYRA has created the Youth Rights Network, and needs your help in making it an important, useful stop in the youth rights galaxy.  The page is entirely community edited, meaning that everyone, yes you, can get involved in the maintenence and expansion of this great website.  The Youth Rights Network (YRN) will feature articles like NYRA’s library, contain reviews of youth rights books, contain bios of famous individuals in the youth rights movement, have a contact list for all supporters of youth rights, and feature general editable articles on youth rights history, organizations, terms, and philosophy.  Most exciting perhaps is the potential for a youth rights law library listing every state, federal and local law that affects the rights of young people.  This of course is a huge undertaking, so NYRA members are strongly urged to research their state’s laws and add it to the Youth Rights Network. To aid local organizing, members are all urged to sign up for the youth rights contact list

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