There is no doubt that many youth rights issues are not well represented to those who have the most resources and abilities to make change on a county, state, or federal level. The issues of drinking and smoking age are no different and I firmly believe that spreading out support over as many districts and states as possible for this very issue is our very best bet at raising awareness on this issue and getting Senators and Congresspeople alike.

It is fairly easy to get the contact information of your state senators and your local representatives, you will generally find a mailing address on their websites, although there is usually not an email to send letters through. Often sending a letter by mail is what I found to work best. It may also work to get in contact with the office, and see if you can email your letter to the office and have the caseworkers handle it from there.

I have provided here a letter template with all the context and sources cited, all you have to do in insert your name, the person you’re sending to and all the following information. The template will guide you on what to fill in.

I sincerely hope you take the time to share the pressing issue of the drinking age to your Senators and Representatives, and to spread the word in regions throughout the country.