Excited about all this news coverage? Ready to get the drinking age lowered? Eager to change campus alcohol policies to sensible ones that that save lives, reduce the harm alcohol causes on campus, and respects student rights? Now is your chance!

NYRA is competing for a $1,000 grant on Facebook. The proposal with the most votes by the end of the month wins $1,000, lets make sure it is NYRA! We are currently in second place and if all NYRA members and supporters vote and spread the word to all their friends, we can easily win this thing. Just follow this link, vote for our proposal, and promote this to everyone you know. The more the word spreads about this the better. NYRA has a real chance to win this grant and put the money toward improving campus alcohol policies that are currently ineffective, poison the educational atmosphere and in many cases make the problem worse. Please follow this link and vote for NYRA.

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