NYRA staff receive e-mails all the time from people discovering the movement for the first time. Everyone seems to have very similar reactions, “Wow! I’ve supported youth rights for years, but thought I was the only one!” or “Something always seemed a bit off about how youth were treated, but I never thought of it much till I read your site, my eyes were totally opened!”

One way or another, everyone who supports the cause seems to have a story to tell about how they first got involved, or first realized the importance of this issue. At NYRA’s Annual Meeting, several board members sat around at a DC pizza joint sharing stories of our own Youth Rights Ah-Ha Moments. Go here to hear our stories and experiences.

We want to hear yours! Please make a video of yourself telling the story of when you first discovered the youth rights movement, or when you first realized that young people were systematically discriminated against. Upload the video to YouTube and call it [Your Name]’s Youth Rights Ah-Ha Moment, then send us the link!

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