In our nation’s capital, youth rights activists came from as far away as Long Island to speak out for a lower voting age and an end to voter ID laws.

“America was founded on the idea that those who must obey the laws are entitled to a say in what the laws are,” declared NYRA Executive Director Bill Bystricky. “That’s what Thomas Jefferson meant by ‘consent of the governed.’ While no nation has ever been perfect in honoring that democratic ideal, America has a proud history of always moving closer to that goal, enfranchising new groups of Americans and expanding democracy. Today we are here to help move America another step forward.”

The rally has now ended, but the fight for voting rights marches on, and you can still be part of it. How? By organizing a local rally in your area and by sending a donation to help us make such events possible.

To organize a local Votes for Youth rally, just choose a day, find a few volunteers willing to help, publicize the date and time, and alert the media with some news releases. Send an email about it to NYRA’s Executive Director, and he will personally publicize it to NYRA-members in your area.

To send a contribution, go here.


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