MADD is taking notice of our actions to lower the drinking age. If MADD is getting nervous we must be on the right track. Write letters to the editor of your local paper supporting a lower drinking age. We have to keep the pressure on and not wither under a MADD counter-attack.

Lets keep making them sweat!

The e-mail they sent out to their list:

One of the most studied, most effective anti-drunk driving laws ever the 21 minimum drinking age is under attack. Opponents of the law have been appearing in Parade magazine, on MSNBC and Fox News, and in newspapers trying to discredit the law and its effectiveness.MADD is fighting opinion back with the facts. The facts are:

* Almost 50 high-quality studies have found conclusively that the 21 minimum drinking age decreases alcohol-related fatalities by 16 percent

* The brain continues to grow into the early/mid-20s and that drinking before this can damage the brain

* In most countries with lower drinking ages, intoxication is much more common among young people than in the United States

To let people know about these and other facts, we’ve just launched a new Web site at that provides the truth about underage drinking to all age groups, including information for parents about how to talk to your teens about alcohol. We’re also
focused on educating young people through our elementary school curriculum, middle and high school-based presentations, high school advocacy groups, and college organizations.

We’re trying to get the word out about underage drinking and we’d appreciate your help. Please:
* Let your friends and family know about this important information
* Let your legislators know you want to keep a 21 minimum drinking age

* Help support MADD’s efforts to stop underage drinking and drunk driving – we need the financial support of people like you to keep delivering high-quality information to young people and adults.

With your support, we can stop the misinformation about underage drinking and help our youth stay alcohol free until the age of 21.

Thank you,
Glynn Birch
MADD National President

Get the REAL truth on the drinking age here. 

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. They are starting to fight! I say, bring it on. 😀

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