NYRA is pleased to welcome our newest chapter, NYRA-Austin: Peeps 4 Change.
Based in Texas, this chapter is NYRA’s first chapter led by a mother-son team. Co-founders Shanda & Dalton Scott intend for the chapter to work to ensure students get fair treatment and a free and appropriate public education in Williamson County, Texas. One of the reasons the Scott’s became interested in youth rights is due to an ongoing battle with the Round Rock Independent School District to get Dalton the services he needs and have his rights respected in school.

“Over the last few years my son has been harassed, threatened, and driven out of school. He wants to learn but the school refuses to teach him. We hope that this chapter can shine some light onto the abuses and neglect that is occurring in our schools. Once young people and families start seeing a glimmer of hope they will come out and speak out alongside us.” said Shanda Scott.

The chapter is also hoping to use the current flap over new textbook standards in Texas to highlight the lack of youth voice in the process. If the voting age were lowered and young people were involved then perhaps their education wouldn’t be a political football for adult decision makers to fight over. Check out the chapter’s press release and Facebook page for more information.

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