Thanks to the great work and connections of NYRA member Rio Samsie, NYRA has been invited to table at the summer punk concert tour, the Warped Tour. So far the Warped Tour events have been a mixed success for NYRA. NYRA’s first three stops on the tour were in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago. Many thanks to volunteers Svend la Rose, Brendan Perez, Timothy Taycher, and Brad White. While the events fell short of expectations for recruiting and selling merchandise, all succeeded in introducing people to youth rights and passing out literature. Perhaps the greatest success came in Salt Lake City, from NYRA members Daniel McGuire and Chris Eaton. They made a whopping seventy nine dollars in button, t-shirt, and book sales. No doubt a lot of people became NYRA supporters in Salt Lake City as a result of Daniel and Chris’s hard work. A lot of work also went in to making flyers, T-shirts, and buttons for these events. Special thanks to SSDP and YSA for letting us use their copiers.

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