It’s finally time to cast your ballot for NYRA Board of Directors. The
2008 NYRA election began on July 3, and voting will continue until the
annual meeting on August 2. There are 12 strong candidates running for
nine positions on the Board of Directors this year, and your vote is
more important than ever in determining the direction of the
organization for the coming year. In addition to the Board election,
there are also two changes to the NYRA bylaws on the ballot, along
with a change to our mission statement and, for the first time in six
years, an opportunity to pick NYRA’s new slogan.

The only requirement for voting is a paid membership to NYRA (just $10
a year). If you’re currently disenfranchised by the voting age of 18,
you can still vote in this election. There is plenty of information
available online about the candidates for the Board, as well as the
bylaw and mission statement changes and the new slogan possibilities.
Don’t miss your opportunity to cast your ballot and influence the
direction of NYRA!

To read all about the candidates, the proposed changes to the bylaws
and mission statement, and the options for the new slogan, visit the election page. To ask the candidates questions about the issues or about the
direction in which they would take NYRA as a Board member, go to our election forum. To pay your member dues and gain full voting rights, please do so here.

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