Robert Reynolds of NYRA’s Berkeley, California chapter is organizing a sit-in to protest the voting age. Robert and half a dozen chapter members, will try to vote in their state’s primary election on Tuesday, March 2. In all likelihood they will not be permitted to vote, and will “sit in” until forcefully removed by police. Seven are prepared to face arrest for their right to vote, an additional 30 students will protest outside. The Berkeley chapter has an admirable dedication to Youth Rights, and all supporters of youth rights are proud and grateful that Robert is taking on the voting age in such a bold manner. If this protest gets enough attention it will spread like wildfire throughout the country, and young people everywhere will organize similar events. NYRA has been in touch with members of the media, who will likely cover the event. In the 60’s it took 4 students in North Carolina to spark a nationwide anti-segregation sit-in movement. NYRA hopes the same will happen with the movement to lower the voting age. If you are interested in attending this historic, nonviolent event, please contact Robert Reynolds. Or if you are not in Berkeley, but still interested in protesting in your area, email NYRA for more information.

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