On March 2nd, “Super Tuesday” members of NYRA’s Berkeley, California chapter protested the voting age. Led by area member Robert Reynolds, they got up early together against ageism. The group, consisting of six students and other supporters of all ages, held up signs with slogans such as “Got a ballot? We need them”. At one point, Mr. Reynolds walked in to the nearby polling area and asked for a ballot. He was not given one, allthough the individuals working there were not hostile and suggested we find a lobbyist. While they did not sit-in, as they had originally planned, by attempting to vote they engaged in civil disobedience just like Susan B. Anthony and woman suffragists 100 years ago. Local media covered the event, (article 1, article 2) and this is great publicity for NYRA and Youth Suffrage in general. If you are interested in organizing this type of protest email us.

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