Lots of great chapter updates in California and Vermont. NYRA Berkeley remains one of NYRA’s most active chapters. They will soon meet with member of Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s staff to discuss the possibility of lowering the federal voting age. The chapter will also hold a public debate with local politicians who do not support the chapter’s efforts to lower the voting age. NYRA Berkeley expects a good turnout from the public, and the media. NYRA Orange County will begin a campaign to find out how state legislators feel about lowering the voting age. Once they have that information, they will use it to lobby for voting age legislation. The chapter has already solicited a promise from Congressional candidate Steve Young to introduce voting age legislation at the federal level, should he be elected. NYRA-OC has had good attendance at recent meetings, and NYRA is confident that they will remain an integral part of the organization.

The South Alameda County chapter, lead by NYRA Research and Education Director Svend La Rose, is mounting a campaign against the youth curfew in Hayward. Svend recently received information from the city of Hayward in regard to the youth curfew, and he has been told he must contact the police department for further information. If you are interested in helping Svend with his campaign, e-mail him. Representative Dick Marron, the sponsor of Vermont’s recent drinking age bill, has announced he will introduce a new bill to allow teens to drink with their parents in private establishments. NYRA Vermont has found a Senate sponsor for both of Marron’s drinking age bills. NYRA had one of its most successful campaigns some months ago when activists from out of state worked in coordination with NYRA-VT to lobby for Marron’s drinking age bill. NYRA-Vermont Treasurer Jeremy Ryan is running for City Council in Burlington.

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