NYRA has recently attained a considerable degree of success and notoriety surrounding efforts to lower the voting age in Olympia, Washington, and the San Francisco Bay Area. NYRA has just learned that in addition to these aforementioned efforts, a bill to lower the voting age will soon go before the New York City Council. Originally proposed by the Future Voters of America Party and introduced by Councilwoman Gale Brewer, the bill would allow sixteen and seventeen year olds to vote in local elections. Councilwoman Brewer is very influential, and the bill is expected to get a lot of support from other area politicians.

A press conference will be held Wednesday, June 8th, at 11:30 am on the steps of City Hall. At 1 pm that same day, the bill will be formally introduced. Among those expected to attend the press conference and support the effort is Senator Hillary Clinton. NYRA-President Alex Koroknay-Palicz will travel to New York, and local NYRA activists will also be on hand. All NYRA members are encouraged to attend the press conference and watch as the bill is put before the city council. It is imperative that a lot of friendly faces come and rally around what will be a historic measure. This one of the best and most exciting things that has ever occurred in the youth rights movement. If things go as expected, an unprecedented degree of attention will be paid to the voting age, and youth rights issues in general. All youth rights supporters should thank the great efforts of FVAP in getting the issue raised in New York. Alex Koroknay-Palicz has said that “After three years of building steam, the youth rights movement is now knocking on the door of the nation’s largest city. This is a historic opportunity for the movement, only good things will follow.”

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