While not over yet, the campaign to lower the drinking age to 18 in Vermont is without a doubt the best organized, most successful campaign in NYRA history. The Vermont Chapter and volunteers from around the country should be commended for the great work they have done for promoting the rights of youth in Vermont. The campaign made a presence at nearly every college campus in the state and several high schools. This grassroots effort yielded around 2,000 people who pledged their support for the campaign and signed a letter to their legislators. NYRA representatives met with the Governor, the mayor of Burlington, and many state lawmakers. NYRA spoke at several high schools and colleges, and held a successful press conference, debate, and fundraiser. Significant awareness has been generated in the state and nationally about this issue due to NYRA’s efforts in Vermont. The New York Times published an article on the subject, and on Friday April 15, Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz will appear on CBS’ The Early Show at 7:30 am est. He will debate Wendy Hamilton, the national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. All supporters are encouraged to tune in. For more information check out this month’s issue of “NYRA Freedom”, or check Koroknay-Palicz’s blog for daily updates from the trenches.

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