From now till February 1 the Facebook Cause that receives donations from the highest number of people will get a $50,000 grant! Even 13th place gets $10,000. All you need to give is $10. More is, of course, welcome. Sign up for the cause here.

In addition to the overall prize, the cause that has the most unique donors each day wins $1,000. NYRA has targeted December 19-20 as our day to win that $1,000. Recruit as many people as you can to give on that day (starting at 3 PM EST on the 19th and lasting till 3 PM EST on the 20th) and we will win this. All it takes is a $10 donation to count for the contest. Please help us win that $1,000. Many people have already pledged to participate, add your name to the list of members pledging to particpate here.

Donate to help NYRA reach our $1,500 target for our year end fundraiser, get a tax-deduction, get membership dues and give via Facebook to win even more money for youth rights! Remember to donate here on December 19th/20th.

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