We are pleased to have received a number of sponsoring member organizations for our first celebration of National Youth Rights Day, as well as future annual events to come, 16 groups altogether. The most successful and prominent live event occurred at our headquarters in Washington D.C. The local celebration featured a Prohibition Party, held at Stetson’s famous bar on April 14th. The event attracted more than 30 people and we successfully raised $300, including all raffle ticket sales and donations.

Because of the discriminatory drinking age, President Jeffrey Nadel was unable to join us at the event but he managed to make a speech via video G-chat. During his five-minute speech, Jeff stressed the injustice of regarding young people “as chattel, as individuals incapable of thinking for themselves, defending themselves, or making decisions for themselves.”

“We have created a tradition. Like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, there is now one day, set aside from the vast calendar, to commemorate young people, to acknowledge my generation,” said Jeff.

At the end of his speech, Jeff persuaded everyone to close their eyes and try to remember what it was like to be young so that one would not “forget the experience of youth”. Afterwards, Jeff stayed for a discussion with guests and exchanged their thoughts on youth rights.

But DC’s event wasn’t the only thing happening on National Youth Rights Day, newly formed NYRA-Austin: Peeps 4 Change hit the streets to get the word out. Chapter members went downtown till the early morning passing out flyers, talking to people about youth rights and even singing about youth rights through the streets. Chapter members made and wore NYRA t-shirts and had a wonderful time promoting the cause.

NYRA board member Jackie Ferro and NYRA-Nanuet: Teen Suffrage Organization marked National Youth Rights Day by having members wear blue to school. It was a small demonstration of solidarity with the cause of youth rights that many were able to easily participate in, over 50 students participated. Linsday Coley wrote an op-ed about NYRD that got published in the Daily Collegian. Many members around the country also participated in their own ways. If you did something, please let us know! Send us an e-mail with the story of your NYRD activity!

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