Voting in this year’s annual election is complete, and the results
have been announced! The membership chose a new Board of Directors, a new slogan for NYRA, and voted on changes to the organization’s
mission statement and bylaws. Voting began on July 3 and lasted for a
month until the annual meeting on August 2; voting in the election was
open to all dues paying members of NYRA. In all, 80 of you helped chart the
course of NYRA over the next year by voting. This kind of high
participation is good for the future of NYRA.

With so many qualified candidates this year, choosing a board of only
nine was a difficult task for voters. In the end, incumbents Alex
Koroknay-Palicz, Keith Mandell, Katrina Moncure, Stefan Muller, Chip
Sinton and Yonaton Yares won re-election, and they will be joined by
three newcomers: Justin Graham has co-edited NYRA Freedom since
February 2008; Jason Kende has been an active NYRA member for years,
serving on the Board of Directors from 2003-2004 and helping work on the NYRA website; and Eric Kim is the president of NYRA-Bergen County, NJ, which recently desegregated a local McDonalds.

Additionally, NYRA now has a new slogan (Live Free, Start Young), and
changes to the mission statement and bylaws were approved by the
membership. Thanks also go to all of you who made your voice heard by voting. We have a busy and doubtless very productive year ahead of us, and NYRA is in good hands.

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