I can’t believe that my time as an intern at NYRA is already over. For more than three months now, the office of NYRA has not only been my internship, but to some extent my window into the everyday life of the United States.

As a European, I admit that I entered this country with some prejudice. Most of them were wrong. I will give you one example; not once have I personally experienced the ignorance that I predicted. (I am sorry and ashamed, but being honest, I must admit that did expect this.) Many of my international co-students have the same experience. Almost everyone I’ve met here has by far exceeded my expectations. Still, I will not say that I was completely wrong. I still believe that there is a significant amount of ignorance in this country. BUT, I have learned to distinguish between the system and the people. NYRA has exposed me to much of the flaws in the U.S. legislation, and showed me how ignorant these laws treat the next generation of this country.
Nevertheless, I don’t think that the flawed system is what I will remember when I look back at my time in NYRA. The first thing that will pop into my mind when I think of NYRA will be the enthusiasm and dedication of the loyal soldiers of this emerging civil rights movement. The spirit and passion for the cause exceed the frustration of the system. That is why I feel sure that NYRA will succeed in many of its goals in the years to come.

I wish I could be here and celebrate every little victory of yours in the years to come. But my time and visa is about to expire. I have to live with, and leave with, knowing that I have at least made a little contribution to this noble cause.

For those of you who stay put and continue to challenge the superior power, as servants for your peers and for the next generation, I applaud you.

Fight hard!
Eivind Stranheim

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