Leaders from the National Youth Rights Association – Southeast Florida chapter and NYRA’s project the Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth joined local youth rights activists in Gainesville, FL
for a teen rights rally yesterday. By all accounts the rally was well attended and exciting for all in attendance. The rally was organized by a group called Bring Brendan Home which formed after the abduction of Brendan Spelman by an escort service hired by his parents to bring Brendan to the abusive residential treatment center, Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah. Brendan has not been heard from since he was abducted on August 31, 2009. The rally was organized by friends of Brendan to bring attention to the situation of Brendan and tens of thousands of other young people currently held against their will in behavior modification facilities around the country.

The rally also addressed wider issues of youth rights and invited speakers from the National Youth Rights Association to discuss the rights of young people in the United States and how ageism contributes to the prevelence of abusive behavior modification camps for teens. NYRA’s President, Jeffrey Nadel spoke at the rally along with CAFETY Vice-President Chris Noroski and NYRA-SEFL Vice-President Zachary Goodman. The rally attracted positive press coverage from the Gainesville Sun and local news.

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