NYRA’s current website was redesigned in 2011 and while it looked great for the time, it is now dated in both style and function. The current site doesn’t load smoothly, isn’t mobile friendly and hasn’t kept up with modern design standards.

So NYRA is now working on a brand new website, and we need your help.

YouthRights.org is a go-to resource for comprehensive information about the rights of young people and the fight against ageism. Our resources are used every day by students researching these issues, or people looking to take action for their rights. The website is an important tool for educating the public about youth rights, and it needs to be updated.

We are hiring professional designers to make YouthRights.org really pop. Since we won’t be doing this in-house, we need to raise money to support the project. We have solicited bids and are speaking with web designers right now. The project will cost around $2,000-2,500. Will you contribute to make it happen?

[wppb progress=”$1289.20/$2500″ fullwidth=true option=animated-candystripes color=#E67614 location=inside text=”$1,289.20 of $2,500 Raised”]

All donations are tax-deductible and will go directly to the website redesign project.


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