Choose Responsibility (founders of the Amethyst Initiative) and the National Youth Rights Association are working together to pass legislation in Vermont that would open the door to lowering the drinking age in the state. This legislation is scheduled for a hearing on the 21st and we hope to have as many Vermonters as possible sign this petition:

Vermonters for Open Debate on the Drinking Age

Toxic, underage drinking is an urgent public health problem in our state, which the 21 year-old drinking age is not solving.

Despite total prohibition for young people under 21…

* Thirteen percent of 12-17 year-old Vermonters are binge drinkers. This rate is among the highest in the nation. 1
* Binge drinking rates among 12-20 year-old Vermonters increased from 24% to 28% between 2004 and 2006. Vermont was one of only two states in the nation to show a significant increase in binge drinking rates during this time period. 2
* In 2005, according to self-reports by Vermont students in grades 9-12, 21% had their first drink of alcohol, other than a few sips, before age 13. 3

The 21 year-old drinking age has not stopped underage drinking, instead it has driven it to basements, farmers’ fields, and dorm rooms out of sight of parents, educators, and law enforcement. In order to create a safer reality, we the undersigned call on the Vermont legislature…

* To support an informed and dispassionate public debate over the effects of the 21 year-old drinking age.
* To consider whether the 10% highway funding penalty posed by current federal law encourages or inhibits that debate.
* To invite new ideas about the best ways to prepare young adults to make responsible decisions about alcohol.

This petition is limited to Vermont residents

Please sign the petition here:

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