Consumer advocate and independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader announced recently that he supports the growing effort to lower the voting age. No matter how you may feel about Nader’s candidacy in general, this is a huge boost for Youth Rights. Nader has a core group of dedicated supporters, many of whom have probably visited NYRA’s website after seeing the links to it on This is great publicity, and it is great that we now have an ally with such a great deal of notoriety. Ralph Nader had mentioned lowering the voting age in the past, and we are all glad that it has once again come to his attention. Ralph Nader can now be added to a very short list of household names in politics who support lowering the voting age. Among the reasons Nader cites for lowering the voting age are that young people pay taxes and are subject to the same laws as older people. He also feels that lowering the voting age would increase voter participation and reinvigorate our political system.

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