Social media is home to lots of horrendous things.  Unfortunately the ageist forces of anti-youth hate often find supportive audiences online.  Public shaming videos where parents bully their children and proudly brag about it online are depressingly common.  Even more depressing are the millions of parents who pass it around as an example of “good parenting”.  Other social media sensations involve the widespread sharing of very destructive and abusive parenting advice.  One of the most popular is this quote from a parent promising to stalk and flip out on their children, with the goal of being hated by them:


Disgusted after seeing this shared widely in parenting circles, longtime NYRA member (and parent) Maize J. Steinman Arendsee had to respond.  She wrote an excellent pro-youth, anti-ageist, respectful parenting rebuttal.  Hopefully all the respectful youth rights parents out there can share this and show those abusive parents a better way to love, support and care for their children:

Respectful Parenting Pledge