Social media is home to lots of horrendous things.  Unfortunately the ageist forces of anti-youth hate often find supportive audiences online.  Public shaming videos where parents bully their children and proudly brag about it online are depressingly common.  Even more depressing are the millions of parents who pass it around as an example of “good parenting”.  Other social media sensations involve the widespread sharing of very destructive and abusive parenting advice.  One of the most popular is this quote from a parent promising to stalk and flip out on their children, with the goal of being hated by them:


Disgusted after seeing this shared widely in parenting circles, longtime NYRA member (and parent) Maize J. Steinman Arendsee had to respond.  She wrote an excellent pro-youth, anti-ageist, respectful parenting rebuttal.  Hopefully all the respectful youth rights parents out there can share this and show those abusive parents a better way to love, support and care for their children:

Respectful Parenting Pledge


  1. This is pathetic. I am not my child’s friend. By definition, I an their parent 1st. I have no friends I gave birth to. I have no friends that I have the same responsibility for. I will absolutely hunt my kids down if they are in a dangerous situation. Of course I trust them and have fostered this in our home but they are kids and may make terrible choices in which case I will hunt them down as if I’m a bloodhound. If I need to stalk them to find out who their with to remove them from danger, I will. If hearing me say no makes them crazy, then I will drive them insane. If they hate me because I won’t allow foolish choices (usually involving the opposite sex or parties) then so be it. I have friends, I have support from the adults in my life. It is child abuse to make your child your friend and cause hem to fill your emptiness. I am raising future adults who should be able to contribute to society not cultivating future friends.

  2. what about parental alienation? that is abuse in my opinion. Ive had my son for 15 years until March when his father filed contempt of court against me because our son refused to go with him after having a long discussion that he loved him and still wanted to see him but wanted to spend a little more time at home and near his school and friends
    since then Ive been accused of being on drugs and after seven clean hair follicle tests then They came at me with a change in material circumstance and that change was that I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis I’m 40 years old and I am getting treatment for my illnesses but in no way do any of those treatments and Impair my ability to care for my son
    I have not seen my son in 2 months almost even then it was supervised at 200.00 a 4 hour visit. his dad had about 45% time and I had the rest. he had been in a great school district and now his dad has removed him from school and placed him in a charter school in a violent crime filled area where there are actually kids getting beaten by gang members in the parking lot
    my attorney has been paid over 5k. and there’s still a bill for 9k more and we’ve never been to court. someone please help. my son needs his own attorney and guardian ad litem even requested in court that he needs 1
    still none has been appointed and my attorney is trying to force me to settle out of court because he knows I don’t have any more $ to pay him for trial and told me to sign the dads offer to have primary custody and I have him back home for every Thursday and every other Thursday through the weekend with summer alternating weeks plus alot of other huge changes. please anyone help
    I don’t know what else to do?

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