There is less than a month until the end of NYRAthon 2005, NYRA’s first biannual fundraiser. The fundraising contest has been an overwhelming success thus far. NYRA estimates the contest has already brought in around $2,000, and it will end until June 1st. The Berkeley chapter held a silent auction that brought in a significant amount of money. NYRA-Vermont sponsored a dinner to raise money for the organization. “I Don’t Know,” a band from Rochester New York, organized a benefit concert that brought in over three hundred dollars. NYRA-DC has begun accepting car donations. NYRA-NYC and NYRA-Olympia have also made sizeable donations. The chapter that raises the most money by June 1st will be awarded a prize. Remember, various prizes will be awarded to individuals according to how much money they raise, so it is important that you send in your donations before June 1st. It is still anyone’s contest. This kind of aggressive fundraising is necessary if NYRA is ever to expand and grow as we hope it will. It is great to see people donating money on such an unprecedented level. To donate go here.

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