Tonight, less than 2 weeks after they were elected, NYRA’s new board of directors (BOD) held their first board meeting, and it was a smashing success. It included friendly discussion, healthy debate, and great results. Among other decisions, the new BOD chose a very promising selection of officers.

Former President Jeffrey Nadel was the uncontested choice to once again take up the role of President. Former President Stefan Muller was elected Vice-President. New-comer Jaylen Bledsoe — in his first month on NYRA’s BOD — has already earned enough trust and respect that he was elected unanimously as NYRA’s Treasurer. And Katrina Moncure will continue to serve as our Secretary. Meet all these officers!

Additionally, the BOD formally adopted rules of order addressing concerns that arose in the previous board term, and they accepted the resignation of last term’s President, Usiel Phoenix. The board will choose a replacement for Phoenix at a meeting in the near future.

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