A group of youth rights activists offered NYRA a matching grant, matching dollar-for-dollar individual donations that reached NYRA in December. They set a cap of $1,300, never imagining that NYRA’s members, most of them students, would be able to raise that much in just a few weeks.

Well, guess what. NYRA’s membership maxed that mother out!!

That group of youth rights activists will be giving us the entire $1300 to start off ’13 because our membership raised every penny of that! Even as young Americans struggled in this hard economy to buy gifts for their friends and family, they also found money to give our movement an economic boost.

Thank you so much to everyone who pitched in during this matching grant period. You are why the youth rights movement is charging into 2013 ready to win even more victories for America’s youth.

And if you didn’t get your donation to NYRA in time to help us with this matching grant, don’t worry – you can still be a valuable member of this movement by being one of the first NYRA-donors of 2013. You can be especially valuable if you set your credit card donation to recur monthly. Since that gives us stable and predictable funding, $10/month is even better than $120/year.

But however you choose to contribute, know that your contributions are making a big difference, sustaining hope for victims of ageism, winning substantive victories for youth rights, and getting pro-youth voices in the public debate. Thank you for that.

You’re awesome.


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