NYRA’s Vice-President, Stefan Muller has been leading a campaign against a Long Island, New York village’s curfew ordinance. With the help of other concerned students and his local chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union, he has succeeded in getting a bill passed – by unanimous decision – to repeal the curfew, which would keep anyone under 19 off the street after 7pm on the nights of October 30 and 31. This bill is the latest success in a campaign Muller has waged since December of last year, beginning with a petition that gathered over 200 signatures in a matter of days. Though this bill does not apply to this year, a committee has been convened to spend the next year considering alternative solutions. Mr. Muller sits on that committee and, though it is possible a new curfew could be passed, his efforts against that eventuality will continue. In a recent article, Port Washington North’s Mayor Weitzner doubted a curfew would resurface in the city. This is a tremendous victory for NYRA and youth rights and a demonstration that one person can be the catalyst for positive youth rights change.

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