At 4 o’clock this afternoon, NYRA-Southeast Florida filed their lawsuit against the city of West Palm Beach, Florida. After months of attempting to negotiate with the city council to repeal their unconstitutional curfew law, the chapter has now taken their battle to federal court.

NYRA is making history!

This is the first time a NYRA chapter has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the rights of youth. This is also, as far as we are aware, the first time a youth-led civil rights organization has filed a lawsuit against a curfew law anywhere in the country.

Earlier this month the Rochester, NY curfew law was struck down in court, now it is our turn!

NYRA-SEFL is working with veteran civil rights attorney Barry Silver who successfully fought West Palm Beach on another matter. Jeffrey Nadel, chapter president, is confident Silver will beat the city once more. First the curfew in Rochester fell, soon West Palm Beach’s curfew will fall as well, and NYRA is leading the charge!

Could this be the case that makes it to the US Supreme Court? Could NYRA-SEFL v. West Palm Beach be remembered for all time as the case that eradicated all curfew laws? Only time will tell.

NYRA members have led successful efforts against curfews in New York, Missouri, New Jersey, Washington, DC and elsewhere around the country. This is NYRA’s first effort through the courts.

If you want to help, please write a letter to the editor of the West Palm Beach Post and tell them what you think of NYRA-SEFL’s suit against their curfew law: (be polite though)

Read NYRA’s news release about the curfew lawsuit here.

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