Welcome to the new National Youth Rights Association website!

After more than a year of planning, designing, coding, porting, and a lot of other things we just want to forget, NYRA and WireShout are pleased to present the new NYRA website! The current site has implemented many new features such as:

  • Chatrooms for Chapters and General Chatting
  • Picture Gallery
  • Unified Login System (Known as the NYRA Passport)
  • Featured Slider
  • Integrated Forums
  • and many more!

If you already have a NYRA Forum account from the previous system, check your email for your reset link to reset your password for the new website. If not, click this to register. It only takes a few minutes. If you have any questions or comments, please click on this and select Website Inquiries.

Signed Up? A few basic tips!

  1. Setup a profile! — Click here and fill out as much info as you want!
  2. Introduce yourself — Click here and tell us a little about yourself, what you are interested in, etc.
  3. Join an Action Team — Click here and select what you can do to help NYRA.
  4. Donate — We can’t exist without donations, click here to send a tax-detectable donation

We Want to talk with You!

We are currently online in our chat. Login here.

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